Under the aegis
of the Russian Chairmanship


4th International Scientific Conference
on Energy and Climate Change

13 - 14 October 2011
Athens, Greece



Proceedings (full paper version)

Presentations (ppt & pdf)     

Global commitments to combat global warming.pdf

How to write action plans for mitigation and adaptation by implementing the bsec 2010 thessaloniki ...ppt

Impact of special gas consumption tax in electroproduction on the greek electricity market.ppt

Insular regions cooperation for maximising the environmental and economic benefits from the research ....ppt

Legislative impact on significance of res in the latvian energy market.ppt

Potential of renewable energy sources in republic of srpska.ppt

Pressure swing adsorption as an efficient tool for the separation of carbon dioxide from flue gases.ppt

Development of Republic of Srpska's Electric Power Sector_2.pdf

Simulation of energy reduction in co2 absorption using split stream configuration.ppt

The impact of diesel quality on the particulate matter content in the exhaust gases of diesel cars - case ...ppt

Kazakhstan path to low carbon economy.ppt

Selecting ams as the appropriate multi-criteria evaluation method for climate change policy portfolios.ppt

Photos of the Conference     

Day 1: 13 October 2011
Day 2: 14 October 2011