PROMITHEAS-2 International Black Sea Energy Policy Conference

"Energy Investments and Trade Opportunities" - 8,9 October 2008, Athens (Greece)



The International Black Sea Energy Policy Conference "Energy Investments and Trade Opportunities" of the PROMITHEAS Network took place on October 8 - 9, 2008 in Athens, Greece. It was a three-dimension event, with Policy and Business, Scientific and Exhibition sessions and was included in the FP6-PROMITHEAS-2 programme activities.

The Energy Policy and Development Centre (KEPA), the coordinator of PROMITHEAS – The Energy and Climate Change Policy Network invited policy makers, energy stakeholders and scientists from EU, Black Sea, Caspian Sea and Central Asia countries to participate. The whole event was hosted by the oldest university of Greece, the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (NKUA) (30 Eleutheriou Venizelou (Panepistimiou) Av., Centre area)

The Conference had four (4) parts:
A: Opening - Welcome Addresses
B. Policy and Business Sessions
C: Scientific Sessions
D: Exhibition Sessions

Scientific Committee

An International Scientific Committee with members from Greece, EU and BSEC countries will ensure the quality of the Scientific Sessions.


  • Prof. Ioannis KARAKOSTAS, Vice Rector, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece


  • Prof. Perikles BOURKAS, National Technical University of Athens, Greece
  • Prof. Mihail CHIORSAC, Academy of Sciences of Moldova, Moldova
  • Prof. Evangelos DIALYNAS, National Technical University of Athens, Greece
  • Prof. Dias HARALAMPOPOULOS, University of the Aegean, Greece
  • Prof. Evgenij INSHEKOV, National Technical University of Kiev, Ukraine
  • Prof. Nikola KALOYANOV, Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Prof. Konstantinos KARAGIANNOPOULOS, National Technical University of Athens, Greece
  • Prof. Jorgo KACANI, Polytechnic University of Tirana, Albania
  • Prof. Dimitrios MAVRAKIS, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece
  • Prof. Agis PAPADOPOULOS, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece
  • Prof. Arthur PRAKHOVNIK, National Technical University of Kiev, Ukraine
  • Prof. Elmira RAMAZANOVA, National Academy of Sciences, Azerbaijan
  • Prof. Mustafa TIRIS, Energy Institute TUBITAK MRC,Turkey
  • Prof. Milton A. TYPAS, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece



The Policy and Business Sessions included speeches, presentations and discussions among BSEC ministers, ambassadors, country representatives, decision makers, representatives from public and private companies activated in energy and environment investments and transactions, representatives from banks etc. The five sessions were hosted at the “I. Drakopoulos” hall of NKUA.{/slidetoggle}



  • "Investing in the Black Sea Region" by Dr. Costas Masmanidis, Secretary General, BSEC BUSINESS COUNCIL (ppt file 96KB)
  • "Favorable Business environment - An increasing potential for trade andinvestments in energy sector" by Bashkim SYKJA, Director, Business Promotion Directorate, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Energy, Albania (ppt file 1MB)
  • "Energy Charter Treaty as a Multilateral Framework for Energy Investments: Legal Aspects of Investment Promotion and Protection" by Dr. Sedat CAL, Senior Expert, Energy Charter Secretariat (ppt file 424KB)
  • "Prospective Investments in Albanian Power Sector" by Mr. Fatjon TUGU, Director of Energy Policies, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Energy, Albania (ppt file 4MB)
  • "Electricity Transmission projects in the BSEC region" by Dr. Evangelos LEKATSAS and Dr. Ioannis DASKALAKIS, Hellenic Transmission System Operator S.A. (ppt file 1MB)
  • "Opening the Eurasia Gas Corridor" by Naske Afezolli, Head of Gas & Power East, EGL AG (ppt file 3.3MB)
  • "The Fourth Corridor Puzzle- A lot of pipeline projects, but where the gas will come from and flow to?" by Spiros Paleoyannis, Deputy Chairman IENE (ppt file 362KB)
  • "Renewable Energy Sources & Energy Efficiency in Cyprus" by Solon Kassinis Director of Energy Service, Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, Republic of Cyprus (ppt file 12MB)
  • "Large Scale Thermoelectrical Cogeneration 334 MW CHP - Its contribution to enhanced energy efficiency" by Dr. I. N. Desypris Director Institutions and P. S. Vogiatzis - Project Manager Institutions ENDESSA HELLAS (ppt file 1MB)
  • "Recent developments in promoting EE &RES in Romania" by (ppt file 17MB)
  • "RES Opportunities in South East Europe" by Dr. Dimitris PAPASTEFANAKIS Director of Division of Development Programs CRES and Vasilis PAPANDREOU Mech. Engineer Division of Development Programs CRES (ppt file 297KB)
  • "Potential and Opportunities for Green Energy in Romania" by Camelia VASILE, ISPE, Romania (ppt file 31MB)
  • "Building of Sustainable Energy System in Ukraine (acitivities and prospects)" by Prakhovnyk A.V., Inshekov E. N. Institute for Energy Saving and Energy Management NTUU "KPI" (ppt file 11MB)
  • "Can we meet the challenge?" by Ioannis Palaiokrassas, Vice-President of ELLINIKI ETAIRIA, Society for the Environment and Cultural Heritage, Former E.U. Commissioner for the Environment (ppt file 115KB)
  • "The end of the era of cheap oil A decisive factor in Climate Change" by Miltos Tsoskounoglou Environmental Affairs & Health and Safety Manager Toyota Hellas (ppt file 4.5MB)
  • "Climate Change a new Challenge for Energy Business" by Teresa FOKIANOU, FLOW ENERGY S.A, Greece (ppt file 173KB)
  • "Climate Change Challenges at the BSEC Countries" by Dr. Popi KONIDARi, KEPA-NKUA, Greece (ppt file 215KB)


Scientific Sessions

  • "Georgian electricity and gas market models -comparison with the EU models" presented by George ABULASHVILI (ppt file 313KB)
  • "The Influence of Fossil Fuels on the Eurasian Economic Community Members’ Foreign Economic Policies" presented by Katarzyna CZEREWACZ (ppt file 98KB)
  • "Modern methods of pipeline condition’s neural diagnostics and registration of leakages from magistral oil-pipelines" presented by Dr. T. RZAEV and Dr. H. MELIKOV (ppt file 351KB)
  • "Analysis of climate change mitigation tools in Ukraine" presented by Dr. Popi KONIDARI (ppt file 458KB)
  • "Current situation and opportunities of Turkey in Energy Sector related to climate change" presented by Dr. Bilgin HILMIOGLU (ppt file 794KB)
  • "Evaluating the implementation of Kyoto Protocol at the BSEC countries" presented by Dr. Popi KONIDARI (ppt file 891KB)
  • "Synchronous generators with permanent magnets for stabilization the output voltage of the power wind mill installations" presented by Tudor AMBROS (ppt file 2MB)
  • "Impacts of Reserve and Fixed Costs on Greece’s Day-Ahead Scheduling Problem" presented by Panagiotis ANDRIANESIS (ppt file 1.6MB)
  • "Incentive scheme for investment and quality of supply on transmission tariffs in Romania" presented by Florentina MIHAILESCU (ppt file 808KB)
  • "Security of electricity supply in the framework of sustainable development in Romania" presented by Anca Simona BARDICI (ppt file 184KB)
  • "Simulator for the Hellenic Wholesale Electricity Market" presented by Dr. Kostas PERRAKIS (ppt file 121KB)
  • "Vulnerability of European Energy Users to an Energy Crisis" presented by Prof. Anca POPESCU (ppt file 212KB)
  • "Analysis of the Greek electric sector and investigation of various energy scenarios in the post Kyoto period" presented by Ilias RAMPIDIS (ppt file 1.2MB)
  • "Comparison of Electricity Load Characteristics in Athens, Greece and London, UK" presented by Dr. Basilis E. PSILOGLOU (ppt file 1.3MB)
  • "Fighting water scarcity in small Aegean islands using renewable energies" presented by Prof. Nikitas NIKITAKOS (ppt file 19MB)
  • "Production of Bioethers of Glycerol (fuel second generation) from crude glycerol - the by-product of biodiesel manufacture" presented by Jan GASIOREK (word file 62KB and jpeg file 2MB)
  • "Thermodynamic Modeling of Inorganic Chemical Speciation in River Waters Affected by Mine Water Discharges" presented by Dr. Diana RABADJIEVA (ppt file 1.2MB)
  • "Prevention of radioactive and some other contaminants propagation into the grounds by SHS-Method" presented by Dr. Galina KSANDOPULOU (ppt file 290KB)
  • "Composite materials on the basis of silica-modified systems with high sorption activity for water surface cleaning" presented by Dr. Galina KSANDOPULOU (ppt file 11MB)
  • "Environmental protection and remediation using SHS" presented by Dr. Galina KSANDOPULOU (ppt file 101KB)
  • "Beyond Economics – A behavioural approach to energy efficiency in domestic buildings" presented by Marius Claudy (ppt file 373KB)
  • "Optimal Energy and Demand-side Management with Location-based Services and Adaptive Data Mining Algorithms using an innovative web-based Energy Information System (EMIR)" presented by Vassilis Nikolopoulos (ppt file 5MB)
  • "Macroeconomic Rebound Effect from the implementation of Energy Efficiency Policies at global level with E3MG" presented by Dr. Athanasios DAGOUMAS (ppt file 1.5MB){/slidetoggle}