2nd International Scientific "Energy and Climate Change" Conference

8,9 October 2009, Athens (Greece)


Session 1: Policies

  • "Energy Conservation Measures in the contexts of climate change mitigation policy in Kazakhstan" by Lyubov Inyutina and Sergey Inyutin (Turan - Astana University - Kazakhstan) (Download ppt file - size of 441KB)
  • "Energy and Climate Policy of Ukraine as Part of Concept of Sustainable Energy Development", by Prof. Arthur Prakhovnyk and Assoc.Prof. Evgenij Inshekov (ESEMI - Ukraine) (Download ppt file - size of 10.4MB)
  • "Energy policy and environmental management in hotel industry" by Sofia-Natalia Boemi (University of Ioannina - Greece), Agis M. Papadopoulos (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki - Greece) and Giouli Mihalakakou (University of Ioannina - Greece) (Download ppt file - size of 694KB)
  • "The role of the green quota and revenue recycling schemes in the climate change options: a dynamic general equilibrium analysis for Austria", by Dr. Todor Balabanov and Dr. Srefan Schmelzer (Institut fuer Hoehere Studien -Austria) (Download ppt file - size of 559KB)
  • "Effects of Carbon Tax on Greenhouse Gas Mitigation and Energy Security in a Developing Country", by Prof. Ram Shrestha (Asian Institute of Technology - Thailand)(Download ppt file - size of 2.16MB)
  • "Integrated Water Resource management as a part of the Climate change adaptation strategies-the legal approach" by Vicky Karagiorgou (Panteion University Greece) (Download ppt file - 477KB)
  • "Least Cost Optimisation modelling of the 2020 energy and environmental targets in EU27 - The PanEuropean TIMES model" by Dr George Giannakidis and Dr. Kostas Tigas (Centre for Renewable Energy Sources and Saving - Greece) (Download ppt file - size of 694KB)
  • "Implementing the G8 80% target with the macro-econometric E3MG model" by Α. S. Dagoumas and T.S. Barkera (Cambridge Centre for Climate Change Mitigation Research (4CMR), University of Cambridge - UK) (Download ppt file - size of 715KB)
  • "Premises for large-scale implementation of distributed generation in Romania" by George Lavrov and Camelia Vasile (ISPE -Romania) (Download ppt file - size of 2.02MB)
  • "Evaluating policy options for increasing the RES-E penetration in Greece", by Dr. Harry D. KAMBEZIDIS (NOA - Greece), Kasselouri Barbara (Open University - Greece) and Dr. Popi Konidari (KEPA - NKUA, Greece) (Download ppt file - size of 896KB)
  • "Using the AMS method to evaluate the policy framework for potential CDM projects in the BSEC countries" by Dr. Popi KONIDARI (KEPA-NKUA, Greece) (Download ppt file - size of 961KB){/slidetoggle}

Session 2: Energy

  • "The introduction of new reagents, jobs, raising to efficiency, at production and transportation of high paraffin oils" by E.E. Ramazanova, A.N. Zeynalov (GPOGC Azerbaijan) (Download ppt file - size of 16.7MB)
  • "Information - analytical system of complex diagnosing and estimation of risk for good safety transportations of hydrocarbons of the main pipeline", by A.T.Jamalov, E.E.Ramazanova, O.A.Dyshin,I.A.Habibov (GPOGC - Azerbaijan) (Download ppt file - size of 16.7MB)
  • "Assessing the impact of traffic regulations on the waiting queues of maritime straits; the Bosporus example", by Nikolaos KONTINAKIS (NKUA - Greece) (Download ppt file - size of 719KB)
  • "Quantifying the chance for releasing of a hazardous substance owing to accidents" by Argirov J. P. (Institute for Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy - Bulgaria) (Download ppt file - size of 1.26MB)
  • "Problems of repair and renewal operations in oil and gas industry" by A.M.Pashayev, A.Sh.Mehtiyev, A.Kh.Janahmadov, N.G.Javadov (Azerbaijan Engineering Academy)
  • "Energy and Environmental Impacts from an extensive use of VSDs in Uzbek Industry" by Prof. Khashimov Aripdjan Adilovich (Tashkent State Technical University - Uzbekistan) and Prof. Rampias Ioannis (Technological Educational Institute of Athens - Greece) (Download ppt file - size of 496KB)
  • "New composition og high inhibited drilling mud for use of unstable clay deposits", by Tatliyev Kh.S., Malikov Q., Rasulov S.R., Zeynalov N.E. (GPOGC Azerbaijan) (Download ppt file - size of 285KB) {/slidetoggle}

Session 3: Electricity - Renewable Energy Sources

  • "Sustainable Energy Planning for Autonomous Power System of Crete" by Emmanuel Karapidakis, Nikos Zografakis and Emmanuel Thalassinakis (Technological Educational Institute of Crete, Greece) (Download ppt file - size of 743KB)
  • "Biogas a secure and sustainable energy source: Obstacles and perspectives of biogas projects in Greece" by Sioulas Konstantinos (CRES - Greece) (Download pdf file - size 5.57MB)
  • "Potential of floating wind turbines in Aegean Sea" by Prof. Nikitas Nikitakos, Dr. Theodoros Lilas (University of the Aegean - Greece) (Download ppt file - size of 12.6MB)
  • "Barriers on renewable energy sources in Greece " by A.M. Papadopoulos , S.N. Boemi (University of Ioannina - Greece), S. Kontogianni and A. Karagiannidis (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki - Greece) (Download ppt file - size of 3.14MB)
  • "Solid state fermentation of sweet sorghum by Saccharomyces cerevisiae to bioethanol production" by Karamousantas, D., Th. Varzakas (Technological Educational Institution of Kalamata - Hellas), D. Arapoglou, C. Israilides (Institute of Technology of Agricultural Products - Hellas) (Download ppt file - size of 1.69MB)
  • "Solar recharging stations: Selling hours of solar lighting" by Mr. Andreas Schroeter (Lao Institute for Renewable Energy (LIRE) - Lao PDR) (Download ppt file - size of 2.1MB) {/slidetoggle}

Session 4: Climate Change

  • "Energy efficiency in Residential Buildings. The Comparison between Degree Day Calculation and Simulations", Teet-Andrus Koiv, Hendrik Voll, Allan Hani (Tallinn University of Technology - Estonia) (Download ppt file - size of 332KB)
  • "Estimation of mean maximum summer and mean minimum winter temperatures over Greece in 2070-2100 using statistical downscaling methods", Anastasios Skourkeas, Fotini Kolyva-Machera, Panagiotis Maheras (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki-Greece)(Download ppt file - size of 2.65MB)
  • "A POD model for the concentration field of gases instantaneously released in the atmosphere" by Anastasios ANTYPAS (OR Consultant - Greece) (Download ppt file - size of 476KB)
  • "National projections of GHG emissions by sources and their removal by sinks for the years 2010, 2015 and 2020" by Anca Popescu and Anca Bardici (ISPE - Romania) (Download ppt file - size of 418KB) 



All presented papers are included in the proceedings (Download pdf file, size 9MB)


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