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The 12th International Conference on “Energy and Climate Change” took place at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (NKUA) on 9-11 October 2019, in Athens-Greece. It was set under the auspices of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organization (BSEC) and the United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI).

It started as an activity of a FP6 funded project. The 1st PROMITHEAS Conference titled “Energy Investments and Trade Opportunities” in 2008 was a two-day event focused on political and scientific topics. Now, the Conference is divided into three (3) main parts, one per day.

The first was devoted to the 6th “Green Energy Investments” Forum aiming to bring together policy and decision makers with market players and explore opportunities for investments that promote the transition to a low carbon economy and the achievement of the 7th Sustainable Development Goal (Clean, Affordable and Modern Energy).

The second “Scientific Sessions” was devoted to peer – viewed presentations and discussions on relevant to energy and climate change research topics, as in all previous years. Additionally, topics relevant to SDG7 are now also included.

Finally, the third was shaped as a Brokerage session that will bring together scientists, policy makers and market stakeholders and facilitate them to present their activities (projects and programs), discuss about funding opportunities, mainly in the context of Horizon 2020 calls and finally to increase the cross-interaction on innovative ideas and cooperation on common importance topics.

For more information about the annual conference, visit the Conference website.

PROCEEDINGS 2019 with ISBN are available HERE.

The 12th International Scientific Conference was under the auspices of

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1st Day - 6th Green Energy Investments Forum


"EBRD - Green Cities"  - Presentation by Mr. Guillaume Le BRIS - Associate Director/Sustainable Infrastructure Group, EBRD (PDF File available here)

"Promoting Cooperation and Development in the Black Sea Region"  - Presentation by Mr. Roman MATKIWSKY - Director for Energy and Infrastructure, BSTDB  (PDF File available here)

"Financing  a Sustaibale Economy - Presentation by Mrs. Marina KOTSORIDI - Manager, Piraeus Bank Group (PDF File available here)

"Current Status and Opportunities of the Greek RES market" - Presentation by Dr. Sotiris KAPELLOS  - Energy Group of Hellenic-German Commercial and Industrial Chamber (PDF File available here)


2nd Day  - Scientific Sessions


"Greening the Blue - Challenges and solutions in the energy sustainability shift in the maritime sector“  by Prof. Thor Ø. JENSEN, University of Bergen - Norway  (PDF File available here)

"Applying Computable General Equilibrium Modelling to the Circular Economy“  by Dr. Hans KREMERS, ModlEcon S.à.r.l.-S, Esch-zur-Alzette - Luxembourg (PDF File available here)

“Citizens’ perceptions in participating in recycling and circular processes” by Dr. Eleftheria ALEXANDRI, Hellenic Open University – Greece (PDF File available here)

"CSP business models and value chain mapping: Insights from the CSP industry" by Mr. George VASILEIOU, University of PIRAEUS-Greece (PDF File available here)

“Risk Governance in Public Sector - led transitions: The case of electrification of ferries in Norway” by Prof. Tom SKAUGE, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences-Norway  (PDF File available here)



“On the relation between the seismic activity data and Hurst exponent in support of energy investments in Albania”  by Dr. Luis LAMANI, Polytechnic University of Tirana -Albania (PDF File available here)

“Development and validation of Photosynthetically Active Radiation Models over mainland Spain” by Mr. Francisco Ferrera-Cobos, CIEMAT - Spain  (PDF File available here)

“A survey of attitudes towards environmental and energy problems, impacts and policies”, by Prof. John A. PARAVANTIS, University of Piraeus – Greece (PDF File available here)

“Estimation of the resilience of urban parks in Athens»  by Dr. Eleftheria ALEXANDRI, Hellenic Open University – Greece (PDF File available here)

“Megacities, energy and climate change” by Mr. Panagiotis D. TASIOS, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens – Greece (PDF File available here)

“Development prospects of the Hellenic natural gas market” by Mr. I. NTROUKAS, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens – Greece (PDF File available here) 



"Assessing Strategies for Cultivating an Energy Efficiency Culture" by Prof. George PAPAGEORGIOU, EUC Research Centre – Cyprus (PDF File available here)

"Design tool for thermal energy storage in buildings"  by Dr. Nikolaos STATHOPOULOS, National Centre of Scientific Research “Demokritos” - Greece (PDF File available here)

“Multicriteria Analysis on the Energy Upgrade of a Cultural Heritage Building” by Dr. Eleftheria ALEXANDRI, Hellenic Open University – Greece (PDF File available here)

“A case study of the energy refurbishment of a public building: Assessment of the current situation and evaluation of retrofit solutions” by Mr. Andreas KYRIAKIDIS, University of Cyprus -Cyprus  (PDF File available here)

“Computational Investigation to the Design Method of Centrifugal Fan Volute with the Aim of Increasing Energy Efficiency” by Mr. Ardit GJETA Polytechnic University of Tirana- Albania (PDF File available here)

“The role of behavioral barriers in the natural gas penetration for the building sector” by Dr. Popi KONIDARI, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens – Greece (PDF File available here)

Session D: Renewable Energy Sources

"Towards non-carbon energy production: Technical and environmental assessment of enhanced strategies in CO2 purification for geothermal power plant"  by Mrs. Andrea HERNÁNDEZ PEDRERO, Instituto Universitario de Investigación CIRCE – (Fundación CIRCE - Universidad de Zaragoza) - Spain   (PDF File available here)

"The application of ArcGIS for assessing the potential of solar energy in urban area: The case of Vranje" by Mr. Boban PAVLOVIC, University of Belgrade – Serbia (PDF File available here)

“The RES Auctions in Greece 2016-2019. Results and perspectives” by Dr. Dionysios PAPACHRISTOU, Regulatory Authority for Energy - Greece  (PDF File available here)

“The Renewable Energy Dimension of Energy Security” by Mrs. Nicole KONTOULIS, University of Piraeus – Greece   (PDF File available here)

3rd DAY: Brokerage event


“HORIZON 2020 Open calls for “Climate Action”” by Mrs. Christiana SIAMBEKOU, PRAXI Network – Greece (PDF File available here)

“HORIZON 2020 Open calls for Energy”  by by Mr. George MEGAS, Mr. Athanasios CHAREMIS, National Documentation Centre (EKT/NHRF) – Greece (PDF File available here)

“Youth Contest “Clean Energy in the combat for climate changeby Mrs. Vivian KLEIDERI, Association of Phycists - Greece (PDF File available here)

Energy school of Municipality Mouzakiby Mr. Evangelos KATSAROS, Municipality of Mouzaki - Greece  (PDF File available here)

“Young Energy Europe”  by Mr. Vasileios SAKKAS, Hellenic – German Commercial and Industrial Chamber - Greece  (PDF File available here)

“Building Energy Efficiency – Impact of Building Automation, Controls and Management”  by Michos KIRIAKOS, Elemsi - Greece (PDF File available here)

"DevelopmentAid. Connecting you to the world of business opportunities" by Mr. Sergiu CASU, Developmentaid – International organization (PDF File available here)



"From the Renewable Energy Islands - Tilos project, to 'GreenPorts and Ships“  by Mr. Panagiotis KTENIDIS, University of West Attica - Greece (PDF File available here)

Climate change impact on Water Resources Management in remote islands using Hybrid Renewable Energy Systemsby Dr. Elissavet FELONI, National Polytechnical University of Athens - Greece  (PDF File available here)

Renewable Energy Business Models for realizing the competitive advantage of renewable energy”  by Neda MUZHO, Vrije Universiteit Brussel and University of National and World Economy - Bulgaria (PDF File available here)

Zero Energy Hospitals - The prospects for energy upgrade of hospital buildings in the Balkan region”  by Prof. Argiro DIMOUDI, University of Thrace – Greece   (PDF File available here)

ZERO – PLUS: Planning & Implementation of monitoring for the ZERO-PLUS Settlements – Lessons learnedby Prof. Margarita ASSIMAKOPOULOU, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens - Greece (PDF File available here)

Start-up of a network of PAR stations over mainland Spain and its applications”  by Mr. Francisco FERRERA-COBOS, CIEMAT - Spain (PDF File available here)

Energy Efficiency on Greek islands buildings: the cases of HAPPEN and STEPPINGby Mr. Stavros APOSTOLOU, Aegean Energy and Environment Agency – Greece (PDF File available here)

Towards clean, affordable and reliable energy in insulated areas: the cases of SMILE and INSULAE projects on Greek islands”  by Mr. Petros MARKOPOULOS, Network of Sustainable Greek Islands (DAFNI) - Greece   (PDF File available here)

The “B-EU EFFICIENT” Proposalby Dr. Popi KONIDARI, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens - Greece   (PDF File available here)