The Project Development Fund (PDF)

PROMITHEASnet was initially funded by PDF, a project of BSEC.


Knowledge transfer and research needs for preparing mitigation/adaptation policy portfolios (PROMITHEAS-4)   2011-2013

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The aim of PROMITHEAS-2 was to establish a network of research entities focusing on national and EU priorities in the aforementioned thematic areas and mobilizing the regional scientific potential.

The project:
- Defined the most promising fields of collaboration in Energy and Climate Policy research among the countries of the region and with the EU;
- Identified suitable regional stakeholders and scientific potential for the establishment of a training and informative mechanism aimed at the widest possible diffusion of knowledge;
- Supported the dialogue and strengthen the cooperation between the European Commission, EU Member and Associated Candidate States, as well as Third Partner Countries specifically in the fields of Energy and Climate Policy within the framework of ERA and FP6 (FP7) procedures.

These objectives were achieved through a range of planned activities: a website, one (1) seminar (12 participants from the BSEC countries), three (3) workshops (minimum 3x60 participants from three countries), one (1) conference (minimum of one hundred (100) participants), four (4) awards, one (1) semi-annual bilingual (English - Russian) publication and two (2) or three (3) ad hoc visits. Particular attention was paid to the identification of suitable institutions for the enlargement of the network with partners from all BSEC member states.


Energy View of BSEC countries

The “Energy View of BSEC Countries” started only with six countries, and today covers all the twelve BSEC countries and was financed by BSEC (2005) and Hellenic Aid (2006, 2008).

It aims to provide reliable and updated information on energy and climate change policy issues for the countries of BSEC and to be used as a tool, allowing to explore, investigate and operate in the vast area of BSEC and its neighboring countries in a credible, transparent and resulting way in the aforementioned areas of trade and investment.

The “Energy View of BSEC countries” is disseminating among governmental bodies and energy companies of the BSEC countries and is presented with two (2) Regional Events and many more of national level.
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Euro-Asian Journal of sustainable energy development policy

The Euro - Asian Journal of Sustainable Energy Development Policy is a semi-annual bilingual (English, Russian) scientific journal addressing research issues of energy and climate policy, mainly of the Black Sea, Caspian and Balkans regions. Coverage includes but is not restricted to:

- Energy supply and geopolitics;
- Strategic energy planning;
- Socio-economics of hydrocarbon reserves exploitation;
- Energy interconnections;
- Regional Energy Market development;
- Emerging hydrogen technologies;
- Socio-economics of transcontinental energy corridors;
- Kyoto Protocol mechanisms;
- Analysis, implementation and evaluation of climate policy instruments;
- RTD policies and socio-economics for new forms of energy.