"Joint Implementation and Clean Development Mechanism among the BSEC countries"
Kiev (Ukraine), November 9th 2007

The workshop "Joint Implementation and Clean Development Mechanism among the BSEC countries", organized by the PROMITHEAS Network of Energy and Climate Policy under the 6th Framework Programme project "EU -BSEC Energy and Climate Policy Network", was held in Kiev, Ukraine on November 9th 2007.

Scope: The workshop allowed the discussion on the role of Kyoto mechanisms as climate policy instruments for Caspian and Black Sea countries. It offered the opportunity to recommend ways to overcome barriers, facilitate their implementation and attract investments from other countries and especially EU.


Information for Participants and Speakers

Scientific Committee

1. Prof. Mykhailo Zgurovsky
2. Prof. Artur Prakhovnyc
3. Prof. Valerie Deshko
4. Assoc. Prof. Ph.D. Evgenij Inshekov

We encourage participation based on, but not limited to, the following topics:

Promotion of Cooperation in BSEC and EU Regions 

o Cooperation for mitigating climate change through the EU trading scheme and EU linking directive 
o Promoting climate policy research in the BSEC Region o International efforts for mitigating climate change 

 The state-of-the-art for JI/CDM projects 

o The BSEC Project Development Fund as a catalyst for regional cooperation in climate policy issues 

 Perspectives for JI/CDM project buyers 

o General equilibrium effects of GHG mitigation options under CDM 
o Optimization and simulation modeling of micro-economic effects o Risk modeling and management of JI/CDM projects 

 Perspectives for host countries of JI/CDM projects 

o Legal and institutional framework for Designated National Authorities 
o Assessment of compliance within the framework of 
Kyoto mechanisms 
o Methodologies and models for evaluating the emission reduction potential 

o Analysis of trends for JI/CDM projects 

o Multicriteria approaches in defining national priorities for JI/CDM projects

o Modeling and assessment of social and environmental impacts due to IJ/CDM projects 

 International and regional experiences with Kyoto Mechanisms 

o Multicriteria evaluation of Kyoto Protocol Mechanisms 
o Tools for evaluation of climate policy instruments linked with the Kyoto Protocol 

o Models for assessing net CO2 emissions 

o Case studies for JI/CDM projects o Recent developments of the carbon market 

o Baseline Methodologies for selection of JI/CDM projects


Workshop Presentations

The Academian Prof. Mykhaylo ZGUROVSKIY, Chairman of the Black Sea University Network (BSUN), launched the workshop by welcoming the participants and emphasizing on the importance of organizing such an event at the Kiev Polytechnic Institute.

The Greek Ambassador in Kiev, Mr. Haralambos DIMITRIOU in his welcome address referred at the progress that has been developed regarding cooperation among the scientists of the BSEC region.
Mr. Konstantinos ZAIMIS, BSEC, referred in his speech at the role of the BSEC Project Development Fund as a catalyst for regional cooperation.
Mr. Vitaliy NAKHLUPIN, representative from the Ministry of Environmental Protection of Ukraine emphasized on the importance that the JI projects have for Ukraine.
Mr. Serhiy BEVZ, representative from the Ukrainian Ministry of Fuel and Energy, in his speech also referred on the role that JI and CDM have for the energy policy of Ukraine. 
Finally, the coordinator of the PROMITHEAS Network, Prof. Dimitrios MAVRAKIS, KEPA, in his welcome address outlined the activities of the network. He invited the BSEC scientists, universities and research institutions to join the network and its on-going activities (pdf file 1330KB).

The workshop was divided into four (4) sessions: Promotion of Cooperation in BSEC and EU Regions, The state-of-the-art for JI/CDM projects, Perspectives for JI/CDM project buyers and International and regional experiences with Kyoto Mechanisms.

Eleven (11) speakers presented during these sessions their research work. The titles of their presentations were the following:

1. "Azeri CDM Projects ", Dr. Haji MELIKOV, GPOGC (pdf file 1137KB);

2. "Moldovan CDM projects ", Dr. Michael CHIORSAC, IPE (pdf file, 621KB);

3. "Joint Implementation projects in Romania current status", Anca BERDICI, ISPE (pdf file 1283KB);

4. "Current situation and opportunities of Turkey in energy sector related to climate change ", Dr. Faruk Dincer, TUBITAK MRC, Chemistry and Environment Institute (pdf file, 258KB);

5. "Database of JI projects in Ukraine ", Volodimyr LASKAREVSKIY, National Environmental Investment Agency of Ukraine (in Russianpdf file 251KB);

6. "Financing Sustainable Energy: EBRD Experience ", Mr. Serhiy MASLICHENKO, PhD, EBRD (pdf file 1221KB);

7. "Point Carbon ", Ganna KORNIYENKO, Point Carbon (pdf file 113KB);

8. "Clim-AMS the software tool for evaluation of climate policy instruments linked with the Kyoto Protocol ", Mrs. Popi KONIDARI, KEPA (pdf file 1081KB);

9. "Barriers to JI Projects in Ukraine ", Mr. Vadim DIUKANOV, FDEEM (pdf file 277KB);

10. "SEC Biomass experience on development of JI projects in Ukraine ", Dr. Georgiy GELETUKHA, SEC Biomass (In Russian,pdf file 1002KB);

11. "Experience and perspectives of biogas capture and utilization systems development on ukrainian landfills in the frame of Kyoto mechanisms ", A. PUKHNYUK, SEC Biomass (in Russianpdf file 2897KB);

12. "Utilisation of agricultural wastes way to reducing of GHGs emissions", Andrey BASTEEV, Institute of engineering problems, NAS of Ukraine (in Russian, firstpdf file 698KBand secondpdf file 3571KB);

The workshop sessions closed with Mr. Zaimisspresentation "The BSEC Project Development Fund as a catalyst for regional cooperation in climate policy issues" (pdf file 1781KB).

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