"Electricity Generation and Emission Trading in South -Eastern Europe"
Sofia (Bulgaria), September 21th 2007



The workshop "Electricity Generation and Emission Trading in South-Eastern Europe", organized by the PROMITHEAS Network of Energy and Climate Policy under the 6th Framework Programme project "EU - BSEC Energy and Climate Policy Network", was held in Sofia, Bulgaria on September 21th 2007.


The workshop allowed scientific discussion on the field of electricity generation and emission trading in South -Eastern and Central Europe countries. The development of new methods and technologies in electricity generation, the in-building of renewable energy sources, the optimisation of energy distribution and the protection of the natural environment were also in the focus of the workshop. Scientists, political and economic decision makers discussed an strategy for the establishment of a international cooperation network, that will provide secure and sustainable development of the energy sector in the future.
Information for participants and speakers

Scientific Committee

1. Prof. Dr. Jordan Jordanov - Specialist in Gas and oil
2. Prof. Dr. Nikola Kalojanov - Specialist in Heating and cooling
3. Prof. Dr. Boncho Bonchev -Spcialist in Termal power plants
4. Prof. Dr. Dimitar Sirakov - Specialist in Meteorology
5. Prof. Dr. Ivan Ivanov - Specialist in Climate and environment
6. Prof. Dr. Lulin Radulov - Specialist in Power systems


Potential participants were encouraged to submit abstracts for the following topics:

• Electricity generation technologies
• Mechanisms of emission trading based on the Kyoto protocol
• EU electricity and gas markets
• Renewable energy sources and the use of biofuels
• Innovations in the CO2 capture and storage technologies
• Optimisation of the security of energy supply
• Protection of the natural environment
• Climate change observations and protection measures
• Projects for the establishment of an international energy and climate cooperation network

The agenda encompassed four (4) sessions:

• Session I: The Energy Policy;
• Session II: The Emission trading;
• Session III: Emission Reductions;
• Session IV: Alternative Energy Sources.

The first session started with the official welcome address by Mrs. Kostadinka TODOROVA, director of the "Energy efficiency and environmental protection" Directorate in Ministry of Economy and Energy (MEE) of Bulgaria. Next, Dr. Lulin RADULOV, the director of BSREC, made a short presentation on the main aims of the PROMITHEAS-2 project and its current status.

Mrs. Alexandrina DIMITROVA, State Expert in the "Energy Efficiency and Environmental protection", Directorate of the MEE, spoke about the Bulgarian policy in the field of energy generation and Kyoto protocol obligations (in Bulgarian pdf file, 2810KB).


Twelve (12) speakers presented their research work. The titles of their presentations were the following:

1. "The implementation of the Directive 2003/87/EC and National Allocation Plan in Romania",
Mrs. Anca Simona BARDICI Institute for Studies and Power Engineering (ISPE), Romania
(in English pdf file 678KB).

2. "Emission trading in Bulgaria",
Mr. Christo CHRISTOV, Executive director of the Energy Institute, Bulgaria
(in English pdf file 93KB).

3. "European legislation and the environmental commitments of the Bulgarian thermal and district heating plants",
Mrs. Valentina ILIEVA, head exert in the Energy Efficiency and Environmental protection Directorate of the MEE, Bulgaria
(in Bulgarian pdf file 2848KB).

4. "Actions taken on the site of the TPP in order to reduce the CO2 emissions",
Mr. Mihail MITKOV, Deputy Director TPP Operation of the TPP Martiza East 2, Bulgaria
(in Bulgarian pdf file 2371KB).

5. "New fly ash removal and disposal technology",
Mr. Mark HEELY, Clyde Bergmann, UK
(in English pdf file 6259KB).

6. "Possibilities for CO2 sequestration in the underground geological structures",
Prof. Jordan JORDANOV, University of Mining and Geology, Bulgaria
(in English pdf file 3192KB).

7. "Perspectives of nanotechnology method applications for intensification oil-gas production",
Prof. Faig NAGIYEV, Geotechnological Problems of Oil, Gas and Chemistry (GPOGC), Azerbaijan
(in English pdf file 1421KB).

8. "Waste management of brown coals mining and processing",
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ivan NISHKOV, University of Mining and Geology, Bulgaria
(in Bulgarian pdf file 600KB).

9. "Possibility for utilization of dust similar products from lignite coals processing",
Dr. Irina GRIGOROVA, University of Mining and Geology, Bulgaria
(in Bulgarian pdf file 210KB).

10. "Using Monte-Carlo simulation to assess the adequacy of the Energy Community national power systems",
Mr. Nikolaos KONTINAKIS, Energy Policy and Development Centre (KEPA), Greece
(in English pdf file 924KB).

11. "Possibilities for energy utilisation of non recyclable organic components from domestic wastes",
Prof. Liubomir KUZEV, University of Mining and Geology, Bulgaria
(in Bulgarian pdf file 517KB).

12. "Obstacles before using the renewable energy sources in Bulgaria",
Mrs Antoaneta YOTOVA, Institute of Hydrology of the Bulgarian Academy of science
(in English pdf file 1206KB).

At the end of the workshop there were some concluding remarks made by Dr. RADULOV about the importance of such meetings and the need to exchange the knowledge related to energy production and climate issues.

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