Workshop on Energy and Science & Technology Perspectives for regional projects
Istanbul (Turkey), April 20th, 2007



The Workshop was held on April 20, 2007 in Istanbul (Turkey) at the BSEC - PERMIS headquarters. The event fell within the activities of the Serbian BSEC Chairmanship. Representatives from national organizations and research institutions coming from nineBSEC Member States, the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Black Sea Commission, UNDP and UNIDO-ICHET participated at the event.

The aim of the workshop was to bring together representatives of BSEC Member Statesand Related Bodies, EU representatives, academic and research institutions and the "PROMITHEAS" Network members so as to examine opportunities of project collaboration and funding in the fields of Energy, Environment, Science & Technology and Education in the BSEC region.


Workshop presentations - Material

Mr. Miroslav KUKOBAT, the representative of the Serbian Ministry of Energy, Head of the International Section of the Ministry, in his opening speech referred to the: i) sustainable sources of energy, in particular the Hydrogen energy Inventory in BSEC countries drawn by the Business Council and UNIDO-ICHET, ii) EU  Seventh Framework Programme and iii) climate change.

Deputy Secretary Generals of BSEC, ambassadors Mr. Andrey URNOV and Mr. Altai EFENDIEF  presented the promotion of regional RTD cooperation in the BSEC region.

Mr. Andrey URNOV and BSEC  Executive Manager, Mr. Predrag GAVRILOVIC referred to the mobilization of regional collaboration, the activities of the BSEC Working Group on Science & Technology, on Energy and the operational framework of the Project Development Fund.

Mr. Daniel DESCOUTURES, the EU representative, DG Research, via online internet connection (tele-conference) focused on the Black Sea Synergy Initiative and the European Neighborhood Policy as means of regional cooperation between the Black Sea region and the European Union. A part of his speech concerned FP7. A few topics of mutual EU-Black Sea interest will most likely be included in FP7 revised work programmes for the 2008 calls. He referred also to the importance of the on-going BSEC-EU dialogue and the priorities of the wider European Research Area. (Speech as a word file (50KB))

Mr. Konstantinos ZAIMIS, BSEC, referred in his speech at the role of the BSEC Project Development Fund as a catalyst for regional cooperation. (Presentation as a ppt file (133KB) or as website)

Prof. Dimitrios MAVRAKIS, the coordinator of PROMITHEAS Network, outlined the activities of the network. He addressed an invitation to BSEC scientists universities and research institutions to join the network and its on-going activities. He emphasized on the need to take advantage of the created momentum and to participate in future FP7 calls. (Presentation as a ppt file (2666KB) or as website)

Prof. Elmira RAMAZANOVA (GPOGC), presented the main outcomes of the Scientific Workshop in Baku (April 11-12, 2007). (Presentation as a ppt file (5353KB) or aswebsite)

Dr. Lulin RADULOV (BSREC) and Prof. Evgenij INSHEKOV (ESEMI) presented the up-coming Scientific Workshops in Sofia (September 21, 2007) and Kiev respectively.(Presentation 1 as a ppt file (104KB) or as website and Presentation 2 as a ppt file (206KB) or as website)

Mrs. Camelia VASILE (ISPE) described the upcoming Energy and Climate Policy Seminar of the network, while Dr. Mihail CHIORSAK (IPE) referred to the bi-lingual Scientific publication of the network. (Presentation 1 as a ppt file (1297KB) or aswebsite and Presentation 2 as a ppt file (134KB) or as website)

After the final workshops of the BS-RESPOT programme that was funded by EC-FP6, a broad initiative was undertaken by KEPA that led to the identification of numerous academic and research institutions that are willing to participate in consortiums related to FP7 proposals. Prof. D. MAVRAKIS presented to the participants this initiative, its results, the existing timeframe, conditions and on-going procedures before the agreed topics become part of the official FP7 calls. A number of proposals regarding the network activities were submitted to Hellenic Aid financing mechanism for international aid to developing countries. (Presentation as a ppt file (618KB) or as website)

Mr. Nikolaos KONTINAKIS (KEPA) presented opportunities through PROMITHEAS network. Through self-financing and sponsoring, PROMITHEAS published, for the second year, the annual "Energy View of the BSEC countries". (Presentation as a ppt file (2741KB) or as website)

Prof. B. GRGUR (Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy, University of Belgrade) made a presentation under the title: "Hydrogen energy in Serbia - cooperation of science, technology and practice" (Presentation as a ppt file (1678KB) or as website)

Dr. K. MAGZIEVA (National Coordinator, FP7-NCP-Kz) introduced the Kazakh, and Central Asian in general, scientific potential to the BSEC participants and emphasising on the benefits that trans-regional cooperation can bring to all Black Sea, Caspian Sea and Central Asia countries.

Dr. A. ALIMGAZIN (Director, Renewable Energy and Energy Saving Issues Institute) made a presentation under the title: "Application of geothermal heat pump (GHP) as an alternative ecologically pure source of heat in systems of a heat supply of buildings in various climatic regions of Republic of Kazakhstan". (Presentation as a ppt file (4213KB) or as website)

Dr. A. AKANOV (Institute of Public Heath) made a presentation under the title: "CAR and Kazakhstan". (Presentation as a ppt file (579KB) or as website)

Dr. A. AKANOV made a presentation under the title: "Caspian Sea Region: Situation, Problems and Perspectives" (Presentation as a ppt file (606KB) or as website)

In the final discussion, participants summarized the key points of the Workshop and especially the opportunities for regional cooperation through either BSEC and EU mechanisms or through the PROMITHEAS network activities..


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