"Socio-economics aspects of the energy corridor, linking the Caspian Region with EU"
Baku (Azerbaijan), 11th April 2007 


The workshop "Socio - economic aspects of the energy corridor linking the Caspian Region with EU", was organized by the PROMITHEAS Network of Energy and Climate Policy under the 6th Framework Programme project "The EU - BSEC Energy and Climate Policy Network", and was held in Baku (Azerbaijan) on April 11th 2007. The event took place at the Hotel Abseron.

The workshop allowed scientific discussion on the socio-economic issues related to the development of the energy corridor transporting Caspian hydrocarbons to the European Union and its implications to local economies. The workshop tackled issues of policy harmonization among countries at the beginning of the corridor (Caspian Sea, Georgia, Turkey). It offered the opportunity to both decision makers and scientists to analyse the existing geopolitical, institutional and environmental conditions affecting the security of energy supply, use scientific tools to forecast future supply and demand conditions, analyse transit regimes, identify existing obstacles and propose solutions, facilitating the development of the proposed corridor.


Information for participants and speakers

Scientific Committee

The members of the Scientific Committee that reviewed the submitted abstracts were:
1. Prof.Elmira Ramazanova
2. Prof. Alimamed Shabanov
3. Prof. Tulparchan Salavatov
4. Prof. Rakiz Sattarov
5. Dr.Haji Melikov



Potential participants were encouraged to submit abstracts for the following topics:

Hydrocarbon Potential of the Caspian Region
- Methodologies for prediction of future hydrocarbon production and methodologies for estimation of hydrocarbon extraction costs
- Optimization of hydrocarbon production, nanotechnology – prospects and direction in oil and gas production
- Diagnostic of oil escape from sealine on the basis artificial neural network

 Socioeconomic Tools for Analysis of the South Energy Corridor
- Oil and Gas Transportation Current Status and Outlook
- Optimization of energy corridor routes
- Conduct of modeling, taking into account real factors affecting oil and gas transportation process and modeling of hydrocarbon transportation
- Provision of reliability of gas supply system in the conditions of probabilistically uncertain and insufficient information
- Diagnostics of normal operation of oil and gas pipeline systems

 Environmental Impact of the South Energy Corridor
- Estimation of hydrocarbon transportation externalities
- Methodologies for assessment of hydrocarbon production environmental impacts, estimation of risk
- Investigation of environmental consequences of impacts of man-made and natural factors on operation of trunk energy systems
- Forecasting of emergency situations in hydrocarbon systems

 Geopolitical and Institutional Perspectives of the South Energy Corridor
- Geopolitical issues of hydrocarbon transit through Turkey and Georgia, study of the cohesion of energy policies across the energy corridor
- Identification of institutional barriers in the hydrocarbon transportation through the South Energy Corridor
- Design of fuzzy regulators of gas supply regimes



Among the participants there were scientists, governmental officials, engineers, post graduate students, young researchers, market stakeholders and diplomatic representatives of interested parties.

Mr. R. MAMEDOV, representative of Ministry of Industry and Energy of Azerbaijan, Mr. A. ZAMANOV, representative from the Ministry of Education and Mr. A. JANAHMEDOV, representative from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan launched the workshop with their welcome addresses. Mr. D. DESCOUTURES presented the Seventh Framework Programme and the European Neighborhood Policy. He emphasized on scope, opportunities, practices and instruments for the sectors of Energy and Environment. Mr. N. MADATOV, Expert of National Coordination Office on International Technical Aid of EU to Azerbaijan analysed "the Role of technical assistance in the development of Energy Cooperation between EU and Azerbaijan".

Prof. D. MAVRAKIS, coordinator of the PROMITHEAS Network presented the activities of the network and opportunities of scientific cooperation through FP7 calls (Presentation in pdf file, 665KB). He also emphasized on the need to promote young scientists in PROMITHEAS's activities. Prof. E. RAMAZANOVA presented GPOGC's activities. Prof. E. SHAKHBAZOV, SOCAR presented "Azerbaijan's Oil Strategy, security problems and risk evaluation of energy carriers in the Black Sea - Caspian region".

The workshop thematic areas included: i) analysis of the existing geopolitical, institutional and environmental conditions affecting the security of energy supply, ii) usage of scientific tools to forecast future supply and demand conditions, iii) analysis of transit regimes, iv) identification of existing obstacles and v) proposing of solutions, facilitating the development of the proposed corridor.

The workshop was divided into five sessions, Hydrocarbon Potential of the Caspian Region, Socioeconomic Tools for Analysis of the South Energy Corridor, Environmental Impact of the South Energy Corridor and Geopolitical and Institutional Perspectives of the South Energy Corridor. Thirty (30) speakers presented their research work. The titles of their presentations were the following:

1. "Position of South-caspian cavity as one of the largest oil and gas sediment basins in the world", Mr. A. ALIYEV, SOCAR

2. "Hydrocarbon potential of the Bulgarian Black Sea offshore", Assoc. Prof. J. JORDANOV, Expert-Adviser to the Parliamentary Commission on Energy, Sofia Mining and Geology University (Presentation in pdf file, 5.4MB).

3. "The specification of produced residual resources of oil fields on the basis of phenomenological approach", Prof. T. Sh. SALAVATOV, Mr. A. V. MAMEDOV and Mr. E. PANAKHOV, State Oil Academy, GPOGC .

4. "Using of high technologies in oil production, Intesification of oil production with the aid of nanohydrodynamic effects’ usage", Prof. F.B. NAGIYEV, Mr. R. Kh. MUSTAFIN, GPOGC (Presentation in pdf file, 539KB).

5. "Respective of nanochemistry in oil industry", Prof. A. SHABANOV and Dr. U. GASANOVA, GPOGC (Presentation in pdf file (129KB), abstact in pdf file (122KB)).

6. "About the increase of efficiency in the transportation of extra-heavy crude and oil" , Dr. A.N. ZEYNALOV, GPOGC (abstact in pdf file (55KB)).

7. "Caspian Region - the Insurance for Energy Security of European Union with no Alternative", Mr. F. AKHMEDOV, Managing Director of Azerbaijan South Caucasus Pipeline LTD (Speech in English (pdf file 208KB) and Russian (pdf file 355KB)).

8. "Gas-PRS - a decision support tool for selection of optimum transcontinental natural gas pipeline routes", Prof. Dim. MAVRAKIS and Mr. F. THOMAIDIS, KEPA (Presentation in pdf file (1.6MB), abstract in pdf file (8KB)).

9. "Outlook on Trans-European Energy Routes Across Romania", Mrs. C. VASILE and Mrs. A. S. CALINOIU, ISPE (Presentation in pdf file (3.7MB)).

10. "Ukraine: Stable Development, Energy Security, Transport Corridors for Energy Resources", Prof. A. PRAKHOVNIK and Prof. E. INSHEKOV, ESEMI (Presentation in pdf file (1.7MB)).

11. "The Structural Approach To Decisions Of Dynamic Processes In The Main Pipeline Systems", Mr. H. A. MAMEDOV, Mr. K.E. RUSTAMOV and Mr. V. H. MUSAEV, Azerbaijan Technical University.

12. "Diagnosing of various kinds of complications in pipelines on the basis of artificial neural networks", Mr. G.G. ISMAYLOV, Mr. B.H. IBISHOV, Mr. B.G. ISMAYILOV and Mr. E.G. GASANLI, GPOGC (Presentation in pdf file (378KB), abstract in pdf file (8KB)).

13. "Analyst-statistical method of continuous work probability estimation in arterial gas pipelines with time redundancy", Mr. I.A. GABIBOV, Mr. O.A. DYSHIN and Mr. A.T. JAMALOV, State Oil Academy of Azerbaijan.

14. "Gas transportation system of Azerbaijan and perspective", Mr. E. ALIYEV and Mr. R. BAGIROV, AZNIPI GAS.

15. "Evaluation of Hydrocarbon production and transportation on the environment", Mr. M.GANBAROV, Mr. M. ATAEV, Azerbaijan Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources (abstract in pdf file (60KB)).

16. "Technological, socio-economic and ecological aspects of the space weather on the normal operation of oil and gas pipeline systems and reliability of electric power supply grids in Azerbaijan and South Energy Corridor region" by Mr. E.S. BABAYEV, Mr. A.B. ASGAROV, Mr. P.N. SHUSTAREV, Mr. F.R. MUSTAFA, SHAMAKHY ASTROPHYSICAL OBSERVATORY named after N.TUSI, Mr. V.G. KUZNETSOV, Institute of Electrodynamics, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Mr. A.M. HASHIMOV, Institute of Physics, Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, Mr. N.A. YUSIFBEYLI, AZERENERJI (abstract in pdf file (9KB)).

17. "Mathematical modeling of pollution while emergency situations in oil-gas production regions of the Caspian", Mr. F.E. AGHAYEV, Mr. S.B. ASADOV, Mr. T.M. TATARAYEV, Mr. Sh.Q. MAHMUDOVA, Institute of Ecology, National Aerospace Agency of Azerbaijan (Presentation in pdf file (495KB), abstract in pdf file (80KB)).

18. "The structure of the measuring-calculating system for detection of leakages of oil, oil products and gas in overland and underwater pipelines", Prof. R. ALIYEV and Dr. T. RZAYEV, GPOGC.

19. "Mechanical mean of cleaning the spoiled soils of Absheron peninsula", Mr. S.T. ALIYEV, Mr. S.R. QUARBANOV, Mr. A.M. MUSTAFAYEV, Mr. I.Sh. HAJIYEV, Ecology Office, SOCAR.

20. "Cuffless gate, valve and faucet usage on the backbone energy systems with no influence on the environment", Mr. H. GURBANOV, Mr. I. RAMAZANOV, State Oil Academy.

21. "Increasing the reliability of pipeline on the basis of estimation of risks", Mr. R. SATTAROV, Mr. I. SATTARZADEH, Mr. R. ISMAYILOV, Mrs. R. MAMEDOVA, Mr. I. AZIZOV, Mr. J. MEKHTIYEV, State Oil Academy

22. "The present state of deliberations concerning the legal status of the Caspian Sea", Mr. A. JANAKHMADOV, Azerbaijan Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Speech in pdf file (13KB)).

23. "The role of exporting pipeline Baku-Tbilisi-Jeyhan in the socio-economic development of Azerbaijan", Prof. T.N. ALIYEV, State Oil Academy.

24. "The forming of energy security in Azerbaijan in conditions of globalization", Mrs. L. X. MUKHSINOVA, Institute of Economy, national Academy of Sciences (abstract in pdf file (155KB)).

25. "Caspian oil pipeline policy and security provision problems in the region", Dr. R. MAMMADOV, Azerbaijan International University.

26. "Geo-economic interest of USA and Russia in Caspian region and Azerbaijan", Mrs. D. ABBASOVA, Student of Baku State University.

27. "Evaluation of efficiency of investing into Azerbaijan Republic oil-gas producing industry", Mr. A. MUSTAFAYEV, Student of State Oil Academy of Azerbaijan.

28. "Socio-economic aspects of energy Corridor connecting Caspian Region with Europe", Dr. H. MELIKOV, Mr. I. GULIYEV, GPOGC (Speech in English (pdf file (23KB),Speech in Russian (pdf file (140KB)).

29. "Caspian Region Environmental Security Problems" Mrs. S. QASIMOVA, Student of Baku State University.

30. "BTC as a factor of regional development and basis of energy transporting corridor East-West", Mr. N. MAMEDOV, Mrs. S. YUSIFOVA, Mrs. O. SHABELNIKOVA, Students of Baku State University (abstract in pdf file (8KB)).

31. "About the Estimation of Ecology -Geodynamic Risk in Oil- Gas and Mining complexes Objects", G. Ismailov, Z. Efendiyeva-Azerbaijan State Oil Academy (abstract in pdf file (8KB))

32. "Use of alternative energy sources in Azerbaijan and prospects", A. Janahmadov - Azerbaijan State Oil Academy (abstract in pdf file (8KB))

Photo Gallery

Twelve photos are available from the event.