Beirut, LEBANON (Middle East)

Prof. D. Mavrakis with a team of experts, partners of PROMITHEASnet, accepting the invitation of the Beirut Arab University of Lebanon, visited the University on April 2012.
Proposals of scientificil cooperation in climate change, energy efficiency, environmental protection, history and philology sectors were discussed. During the presence of the team in Beirut, contacts have been made with the following persons. 


Prof. Amr. Jalal Adawi, President of Beirut Arab University

Prof. Hanafy Holail, Dean of Sciences

Prof. Khaled Baghadaday, Dean of Engineering

Mr. Toufik Houri, President of Board of Trustees of BAU

Mrs. Zeina Aris, Direcor of Public Relations of BAU

Dr. Fadi Cumair, Director General / Ministry of Energy and Water Resources

Prof. Maysaa Nayal, Deal of Faculty of Arts

Prof. Mohammad Reslan, Coordinator of Scientific Research and International

Mr. Pierre El Khoury, Manager / Lebanese Center for Energy Conservation (LCEC)

Dr. Safaa Baydoun, Director of Research Center for Environment and Development