Belgrade, SERBIA (Europe)

On April 23rd 2012, PROMITHEASnet members participated at the Meeting of the Ministers in Charge of Environmental Protection of BSEC, where was disseminated the Energy View of BSEC countries, Special Edition, on Climate Change Policies (including Estonia and Kazakhstan), with the active participation of three of the members, presenting issues of Assessment of Climate Change Policies, A Concise Presentation of Climate Change Policies Among the BSEC Countries and an Overview of EU & international funding programmes for supporting research and knowledge transfer.

During the presence of the PROMITHEASnet team in Belgrade, contacts have been made with the following persons, for the promotion of cooperation between the Science and Philosophy Schools of the University of Belgrade with other Universities of the network, in the frames of BSEC and EU (FP and Horizon 2020).

Prof. Marko Ivetic, Vice Rector of International Relations of the University of Belgrade

Prof. Aleksandra Vranes, Dean of Philology of the University of Belgrade

Prof. Ljiljana Markovic, Vice Dean of Philology of the University of Belgrade


For the proceedings and photos of the event, click here